Two or three days later I was out in a boat, feeling great!

-Don Dubuc

Don Dubuc is a long-time television and radio host, and professional “Outdoors Man.” His 30-year career doing “Fish and Game” reports for WWL-TV in New Orleans got much harder as Don starting battling pain related to degenerative disc disease and spondylolisthesis.

As an outdoor journalist, Don’s work requires him to hunt and fish every week. The years of physical labor took its toll, but Don always powered through it with ibuprofen and painkillers. It wasn’t until the pain kept him from spending time with his granddaughter, he knew it was time to take his life back.

Don went to see Northshore spine surgeon, Dr. K. Samer Shamieh, and went through a minimally invasive back surgery. He says the relief was almost instant.

Two to three days later, I was out in the woods climbing trees, riding a tractor, out in a boat and feeling great. 

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